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Tiger Birthday Parties

Looking for a different kind of Birthday Party? Why not having a party where kids get to burn off some of that sugar generated energy while learning a few self defence techniques?

What Happens at a Hapkido Tiger Birthday Party

 A Typical Tiger Birthday Party:

20mins - Friends Start to Arrive at the Dojang, kids get ready for class. (Belts on!)

40mins - Tiger Hapkido. We take them threw Dojang Manner, the Rules, Get them moving and hearts pumping. Then we start with the basics: Kick, Punch and Block.

30-40mins - Food, Cake and any games the parents want to play. (Pass the Parcel is popular).

25mins - Hapkido Desert. Tigers take what they know and put it all together throwing down an Instructor.

Most importantly we make a lot of noise and have a heap of Fun! 

Party Packages

Package #1


  • Tiger Class
  • Each Tiger - Loan White Belt            
$20 p/Tiger

Package #2


  • Tiger Class 
  • Each Tiger - Tiger Belt to Keep
  • Birthday Tiger receives a Dobok to Keep and wear during the party.
$25 p/Tiger

Package #3


  • Tiger Class
  • Each Tiger - Tiger Belt & T-Shirt to Keep 
  • Each Tiger - a Certificate of Attendance 
  • Birthday Tiger receives a Dobok to Keep and wear during the party.
  • 20% Discount  on a Terms Tuition Voucher.
$35 p/Tiger


*All Bookings have a min-10 & max-20 numbers per booking.

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