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Women's Classes


FREE TRIAL - Are you keen to learn martial arts but don't want to train in a class with men? Or are you interested in exploring your potential before taking on a mixed class? 

We've kicked off a weekly Women's Martial Arts class at the Dojang each Wednesday @ 5:00pm and we're offering you, or a friend, a free trial class to see what you think. 

Our martial art, Hapkido, is a safe and fun way to learn self defence with a blend of kicking, punching and a variety of close combat techniques. 

Our system is a non-violent martial art that allows smaller people to overcome larger opponents, so they can build the self confidence to take on anything that life throws at them (no pun intended…). 

1-hour dedicated to Hapkido & Fitness with the only bloke on the mats being Tom, the Instructor. He's got 3 sisters and lives in a house full of women - he knows how powerful you all truly are once you know. 

Whether you're keen, or you know someone who would be interested, this is the weekly class of choice. 



4:50pm Sharp, Wednesday
Unit 3, 58 Colbee Court, Phillip - Woden
(above JaxQuickFit Tyres) 


If you're keen to do a trial, t-shirt and tracksuit pants are all you need for your first class. 

What to expect? 

We kick off at 5:00pm sharp, so it's always best to be a little early to know what to expect. 

We'll take you through a warm-up, some drills, then 20 mins of self-defence techniques followed by break-falling training. 60mins leaving you pumped for what's next. 

You'll learn that the expression to "fight like a girl" is empowering as you're more powerful than you can imagine. 


Women's Self Defence Courses

Would you know how to react in a high-stress situation where your life was a risk?

Only through practice and knowledge can you develop an understanding of how you would react.

Want to learn self defence in a fun and safe environment? Why wait, Register for one of our courses today!


We hold  Women's Self Defence Courses throughout the year - register (see right) for courses.

Courses are 3hrs long and cover the basics of Self Defence from the Hapkido perspective.

$50 per person, + $25 per additional friend or family member.

Group Bookings are welcome and courses can be tailored to suit a particular topic, or a whole range.

Come along for a complimentary class or give SaBomNim Tom a call on 0414 798 723 today to discuss.

The Amazing women from the 28th April 2017 Women's Self Defence course!!

Women's Self Defence Courses

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Testimonials from Courses:

The one-off Women's Self Defence course was a great introduction to Hapkido and targeted self defence techniques. What I didn't expect was that the concept that would resonate with me most would be developing my confidence to act in situations requiring defensive tactics. Thanks for a mental and physical learning experience!

Anna N.

Awesome course, great to share it with so many other women. Tom, you really layered the learning well so that by the end, I felt like i had an arsenal and had the confidence to use it. I guess even though i'm not into fighting talk, in the context of women's self defence, that's a good thing.

Jackie - April 2015

I really enjoyed the course, it covered quite a range of subjects but was well thought out. It brought back some memories from when i used to do taekwondo and i certainly feel as though i'm more aware and have a good insight to what my body can do if i should ever need to use it.

Janelle - April 2015