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Adults 12yrs+


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Hapkido offers a lifetime of learning, with different principles, technique groups and styles of approaching a situation.

Everyone who trains in Hapkido understands than it takes time to master anything, with patience and dedication you can achieve anything.

There has never been a better time to start training in Hapkido. Read on about our different class types, or feel free to Contact Us today!

adult_hapkido.jpgAdult Hapkido

Adult Hapkido Classes - a traditional yet fun way to learn self defence.

Most people who come and try a class inevitably sign-up and continue training.  Find out more on our Adult Hapkido Classes for Men & Women.


Kumdo (Korean Sword)

Kumdo is Korean for The Way of the Sword, developed over hundreds of years of war that changed not only the way the art is performed but also the shape and styles of swords. Consider starting Kumdo today - read more...

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Thank you for visiting the Hapkido Canberra website, we hope that you find out all the information you need about Hapkido classes.

Whether you are looking for Women's Self Defence, Kids Martial Arts, Training as Family and Korean Sword - Hapkido Canberra hopes to be the place you're looking for.

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