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We've recently upgraded our website, so most of the historical news and updates are now mixed in with our other Blog Categories.

If you're interested, have a look through our Archive Posts - most of it is in there.

— Sep 26, 2016

Want to try Hapkido?

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— Feb 8, 2016

2016 Global Hapkido Championships

— Nov 15, 2015

November Event Wrap-Up!!

The November 7th event at the Australian Institute of Sport was a massive day, we've tried our best to mention everything and everyone from the day.

— Oct 8, 2015

Mat Chat - October 2015

Welcome to the October 2015 Mat Chat - there is heaps going on at Hapkido Canberra over the next few months, scroll down for more information and news.

— Oct 8, 2015

Mat Chat - June/July

Winter is upon us here in Canberra, and it's hit pretty hard. But the Dojang will continue to train throughout Winter. Term 3 ends in under 4 weeks (27 June) for the Dojang and we'll be entering the winter period with a reduced class schedule while SaBomNim Tom is overseas on personal and Hapkido business. (More news on that soon).