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Chief Instructor's Blog

Posted on January 1, 2010

— Oct 5, 2014

Setting Goals

Life is full of challenges and sometimes it seems that getting what you want, or just what you need, can be a challenge. In this blog I talk about my own experience with setting goals that are achievable but not necessarily easy. The reward makes the effort worth it.

— Aug 16, 2014

Global Hapkido Championships in Michigan, USA

Last month I attended the Global Hapkido Championships in Kalamazoo Michigan. 5 action packed days in my first trip to the United States.

— Jul 18, 2014

First time to the USA

This month will see me travel to the USA for the first time to attend the Global Hapkido Championships.

— Mar 30, 2014

Balancing Work, Family Life and Hapkido

On occasion, people ask me how I manage teaching so many classes and work it all in with my duties as a parent and husband and my full-time work. Here are my thoughts...

— Aug 11, 2011

Self Defence of the Mind

One of the issues that many people face when learning self-defence is that they focus purely on the physical aspect of the training. Martial arts isn't just about physical ability and strength, it's about the ability to overcome your fears and protect yourself, your family and your loved ones.

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