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About Us

In 2011 Hapkido Canberra started in a small room in Woden with 3 students, by the end of 2011 Hapkido Canberra had moved to a permanent Dojang (Gym) in Phillip. Now in 2016 we have over 130 students attending 12 classes each week.

Hapkido Canberra offers classes 4 days a week including Adult Hapkido (Mixed Classes and Women's Self Defence), Kumdo - Korean Sword and both a Tigers (Kids 5-10yrs) and Kids & Family Hapkido where kids over 7yrs can train with their parents in the same class.

Hapkido Canberra was started by SaBomNim Tom after relocating to Canberra with his wife and 2 daughters. His wife had an opportunity that could not be ignored and as only months before SaBomNim Tom had achieved his 4th Dan the timing was perfect and Hapkido Canberra opened for training. 6 years later SaBomNim Tom's family has grown to 3 kids and he's now a 5th Dan Master of Hapkido.

We welcome anyone who is willing to train with a positive attitude and adhere to our values of FUN, SAFE and then Hapkido! Classes should be Fun, but always respectful and polite. We have rubber floors for safety and we teach Hapkido in a responsible manner that reduces the chance of injury while teaching you the secrets behind the techniques that make them so effective.

Contact Us today to arrange a time for a complimentary trial class. It's always a great time to start training!

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23rd January 2011

Chief Instructor

SaBomNim Tom Adam is available at these contact details.

Location & Opening Hours

Hapkido Canberra Pty Ltd T/as Hapkido Canberra ACT Self Defence

Street Address:  Unit 3/58 Colbee Crt, Phillip ACT 2606

Postal Address: PO Box 480, Curtin ACT 2605

We are generally open 30mins before all of our classes, see our Timetable.

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